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Top 5 Apps for Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching fast and retailers are starting their sales earlier than ever! With a good majority of stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening, Black Friday is sure to be chaotic and stressful as people race to score the best doorbusters. The best strategy to have for Black Friday shopping is to be well-prepared with the most resourceful apps on the market. We compiled a list of the best apps for you to download onto your smartphone to ensure your shopping trip on Black Friday runs as smoothly as possible.

Zoomingo Black Friday App





1. Zoomingo- Discover the best LOCAL sales, deals & coupons for Black Friday (and year-round!) near you! Shop electronics, toys, fashion, shoes, and home items, plus compare prices, add items to your in-app shopping list, and best of all–earn rewards while you shop! Like the item but not the price? Add it to your “watch” list and get notified when the price drops! With all deals organized by product, category, or store, you can easily search and stay up-to-date on the hottest Black Friday sales as they come!

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2. ParkMe – Don’t miss out on doorbusters by driving around looking for parking, download the ParkMe app and you’ll be directed to the closest and cheapest parking available! You’ll get recommendations based on your location, what kind of vehicle you’re driving, and how long you’d like to stay.

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3. FastMall- Your number one navigation source when you’re inside the mall. It’s hard to see signs past the busy Black Friday crowds, so get turn-by-turn directions to the nearest bathroom, elevator, coffee shop, or restaurant. Set a reminder of where you parked your car, and add a text or photo review of anything you want to share with your friends!

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4. Key Ring Rewards Cards – No need to carry around a stack of loyalty cards while store-hopping on Black Friday, store all of your loyalty, rewards, membership, and gift cards in one place with Key Ring! Add new cards using the barcode scanner, sign up for new rewards programs from within the app, and share your cards with family members!

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5. Happy Hours- During all the madness of Black Friday, you’re going to need a pick-me-up. Download the Happy Hours app and discover all food & drink specials going on around you! View the menu, get directions, and read reviews to find the place that suits your needs!

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5 Minutes for Mom Recommends Zoomingo for Back-to-School Shopping!

5 Minutes for Mom, founded by sisters Janice and Susan, brings moms together with entertaining and informative posts on everything mom and kid related! As a successful blog with over 50k visits each month, Janice and Susan expanded their team of mommy bloggers to provide even more great stories and mommy expertise. With a special focus on the big back-to-school time right now, the 5 Minutes for Mom team agreed that their readers would benefit from learning about Zoomingo and how it can help them save big when shopping for school supplies and clothes!

Read what Jenny Nanninga of 5 Minutes for Mom has to say about our app below or on the 5 Minutes for Mom website

Zoom in on the Best Back to School Deals with the Zoomingo App

by Jenny Nanninga

Smartphones are convenient for checking emails, sharing photos, communicating via social media,  and much more. Did you know that your smartphone can also help you save money? It’s true.

There are a plethora of apps available on any smartphone, but as a stay-at-home mom on a budget, I was thrilled to find Zoomingo: a shopping app for finding the best local deals, sale events, and more!

BTS and BTC screenshot

I don’t always have time to haul my kids around town comparing prices or to look up multiple store websites in order to find deals. However, saving money and getting the best deal are important to me.

Zoomingo is convenient because it does the searching for you.

Some of my favorite features of Zoomingo are:

  • choosing the stores you want to follow
  • choosing which items you are interested in (clothing kitchen, etc.).
  • searching by store, coupons and sales, or your favorites.
  • enter into contests to win products
  • streamline your lists by “liking” or “disliking” discount posts.
  • create shopping lists and be notified when the items are on sale.
  • set your location to receive updates for your area.

There are so many ways to use Zoomingo and you can use it whenever and wherever you are.  Money can be saved when you find a coupon you didn’t know existed or realize an item you need to purchase will be discounted in a few days.

Not only is this app perfect for the money-saving moms out there, it is also the #1 top rated shopping app and is featured as a MUST-HAVE app by Google play.  The best part? This app is totally free and is available for iPhone or Android users!

With the school year just around the corner, this app is perfect for making your back-to-school shopping easier and cheaper.

The app even has specific Back-to-School and Back-to-College categories to help you with your beginning of the school year shopping.

I found the app extremely easy-to-use, simple and incredibly helpful.  I will definitely be using this app as part of my shopping routine!


5 Reasons to Love Spring

Nordstrom Spring Colors

It’s the first day of spring! Why do we love spring so much? The better question is, why wouldn’t we?! It’s the breath of fresh air we need after a long and cold winter! The sun we’ve all missed so much gives us a rush of Vitamin D that energizes us and puts everyone in a better mood! Aside from seeing a lot more smiling faces, here is a list of the top 5 reasons we love spring:


1. Brighten up your wardrobe! Spring is the time to put away all your neutrals and darks and burst into color! The bright patterns and mixed neons not only look adorable, but send off a more positive vibe than the dark winter hues we’ve been sporting for the past few months! Head to the local shopping mall and pick out some pieces that will make you shine!

Photo credit: sadsolitude on deviantart




2. Spring flowers! The most beautiful time of the year is when all of the flowers and trees start blossoming everywhere filling the streets and fields with natural beautiful colors!

Roughing it by techvert



3. Warm weather! Warm weather
means lighter layers and shorts,
but more importantly it means
outdoor activities! After months
of freezing temps, rain, snow, and
ice, we can finally go on a hike,
ride a bike, have a picnic at the
local park, or walk the dog without
getting frost bite on our nose!


H&M Spring Sandals




4. Sandals, Sandals, Sandals! Get a pedi and show off those toes! You can find this particular pair at H&M, or swing by the local Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Kohl’s for the hottest deals!



Sunset by Points of Light





5. Longer Daylight! The sun rises early and sets late, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and sunsets after work!




What’s your favorite part about spring?

Shop our handpicked popular spring trends here:

NEW Points & Prizes: What does it all mean?

Update: We will now have TWO different prize systems. Below is a description of our new points and prizes systems:

ZPoints are replacing the usual weekly prize points. You receive ZPoints for:

  • Rating items on our “Hot or Not” game.
  • Viewing your shopping list from inside the mall.
    • Note: You will no longer receive points for simply adding items to your shopping list, you must open your shopping list inside of a mall to receive the points.
    • You will receive up to 10 points per mall that you view your shopping list in.
  • Viewing the special offers from our select retailers.
    • You can earn up to 25 ZPoints per retailer that you view special offers from, for a maximum of 150 ZPoints per day.

View Offers to Earn ZPoints

The Weekly Prize Contest:
We will be continuing our weekly prize contest; however the points system is changing. In order to provide everyone with a fair chance at winning the weekly prize, we have decided to convert to a “ticket” system rather than our previous “top 50 point-earners” system. With this new system:

  • Participants will rate items on our “Hot or Not” game as usual, but will have to fill up the status bar before reaching 5 points.
    • The bar fills after rating 5 items (so essentially each rating is worth 1 point).
  • After filling the bar so many times, you will receive a “ticket”.
  • Each ticket that you receive is an entry into the weekly prize raffle.
    • If, for example, you accumulate 10 tickets, your name will be in the raffle 10 times.
  • The raffle is still completely random; however, this will ensure that everyone has a fair shot at winning the weekly prize rather than just the top 50 point-earners.
  • “Like” us on Facebook ( and “follow” us on Twitter ( to be the first to see the weekly prize announcement every Monday morning.

ZPoints Weekly Prize Contest

Redeeming ZPoints:
Aside from gaining you entry into the weekly prize raffle, ZPoints may also be redeemed as gift cards.

  • Unlike the weekly contest, which restarts each week, Zpoints for gift card redemption will keep accumulating.
    • You must participate every month to keep your ZPoints active.
  • To view the points-to-cash value conversion ratio, go to the Redeem ZPoints page on our app.
    • Keep in mind, this may change at any time.
  • Once you have enough ZPoints to redeem as a gift card, you get to select which gift card you want from our collection.
    • Examples include Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Gap, and more!

ZPoints for Gift Cards

Points & Prizes: What does it all mean?

How it Works

Each Monday, we announce a new weekly prize. At the time the new prize is announced, all Zoomingo users’ points are set back to 0. Users then have until the following Sunday night to earn as many points as possible. At the end of each week, the top 50 point-earners are automatically entered into the raffle for the chance to win the weekly prize. The winner is selected at RANDOM.


Google Nexus 7

The Prize

The prize is selected by Zoomingo staff, but is frequently decided based on users feedback. When a prize is in high-demand, we will most likely use it as a prize again in the future. “Like” us on Facebook ( and “follow” us on Twitter ( to be one of the first to see the weekly prize announcement every Monday morning.



"Hot or Not" Game


How to Earn Points

The most popular way to earn points is by playing our “Hot or Not” game. In this game, you rate items as “hot” or “not” and collect points for each rating. Your ratings also help us personalize the type of items that are shown to you based on your preferences. After each rating, a box will pop-up telling you how many points you earned and how many total points you have. Playing this game is the easiest way to rack up a lot of points in a short amount of time.



Spin N' Win



Other Ways to Earn Points

When you visit the local mall, you can play our new “Spin N’ Win” game for the opportunity to win up to 1,000 points or a $50 cash daily prize. You will also earn points for “sharing” deals, “liking” items, and adding items to your shopping list. You can view how many points you have accumulated and your ranking on the leaderboard from your profile.