5 Reasons to Love Spring

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It’s the first day of spring! Why do we love spring so much? The better question is, why wouldn’t we?! It’s the breath of fresh air we need after a long and cold winter! The sun we’ve all missed so much gives us a rush of Vitamin D that energizes us and puts everyone in a better mood! Aside from seeing a lot more smiling faces, here is a list of the top 5 reasons we love spring:


1. Brighten up your wardrobe! Spring is the time to put away all your neutrals and darks and burst into color! The bright patterns and mixed neons not only look adorable, but send off a more positive vibe than the dark winter hues we’ve been sporting for the past few months! Head to the local shopping mall and pick out some pieces that will make you shine!

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2. Spring flowers! The most beautiful time of the year is when all of the flowers and trees start blossoming everywhere filling the streets and fields with natural beautiful colors!

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3. Warm weather! Warm weather
means lighter layers and shorts,
but more importantly it means
outdoor activities! After months
of freezing temps, rain, snow, and
ice, we can finally go on a hike,
ride a bike, have a picnic at the
local park, or walk the dog without
getting frost bite on our nose!


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4. Sandals, Sandals, Sandals! Get a pedi and show off those toes! You can find this particular pair at H&M, or swing by the local Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Kohl’s for the hottest deals!



Sunset by Points of Light





5. Longer Daylight! The sun rises early and sets late, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and sunsets after work!




What’s your favorite part about spring?

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